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Have you been hurt at work? Do you have an existing workman’s comp claim that has run into roadblocks? Montana workers compensation law is complex, especially when each claim is differs slightly based on the situation and the work injury. When you need someone you can trust to get you through the Montana workers comp system, turn to Dalpiaz Law.

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Leslae Dalpiaz is the leading work comp attorney in the state of Montana, as published by the Montana Department of Labor.  She knows the details of work comp law, and has a solid working relationship with insurers and other work comp professionals.  Leslae has helped hundreds of injured workers with their claims and has secured more than $20 million in settlements for her clients. Leslae treats her clients with dignity and professionalism, and will keep you informed of your progress throughout your case.

If you’re an injured worker in Montana, you deserve to have an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer on your side. There is no fee to have Leslae review your workers comp or personal injury case, and no obligation.  CALL TODAY.

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I have worked with Leslae for several years and have always found her to have her clients’ best interests at heart.  I have enjoyed working with Leslae as a vocational consultant knowing that her clients are her first priority.  She is fair, respectful and is a straight shooter with all parties involved.  She maintains a high level of ethics and integrity and highly respected in the Montana workers’ compensation arena.  In addition, I believe her experience as a workers’ compensation adjuster allows her to be objective in her case handling.

Vocational Consultant

Missoula, Montana

Leslae handled a work injury for me.  She called me on a regular basis and kept me informed about anything that pertained to my case.  Both Leslae and her assistant were very courteous and kind and very knowledgeable.  I am very pleased with how my case was handled.

S. S., Injured Worker

Ft. Shaw, Montana

I was really lost about what to expect from workers’ comp when I got injured and I felt they were exploiting that.  Leslae Dalpiaz was recommended to me and I am so glad she was.  She took care of all my worries/problems and got a great settlement for me.  Once the case was settled she didn’t drop me.  Leslae still takes care of any issues that arise.  I recommend her to anyone that needs help working with work comp.  Her legal assistant is a great asset to Leslae and I can trust her to get things taken care of ASAP.  I can’t write enough good things about Leslae Dalpiaz.  She’s wonderful!

J. S., Injured Worker

Plentywood, Montana

When I went to Leslae, she treated me like a person, not a case number like work comp did. When she took my case she kept me informed, she made sure no one contacted me about my case, she did all the work and got me what I deserved.  I’m thankful Leslae became my voice and supported me as a person.

M. I., Injured Worker

Missoula, Montana

Having Leslae represent me was the best thing I could have done.  She walked me through the entire process both professionally and compassionately.  She treated me as a friend, which I consider her to this day.

B. I., Injured Worker

Milltown, Montana

Having worked as a workers’ compensation insurance specialist for nearly 20 years I can honestly say that it is a pleasure working together on cases with Leslae.  Leslae and her staff work tirelessly to make sure the interests of her clients are represented fairly and timely.  She has always been extremely respectful and pleasant to work with, and while our specific opinions may often differ, the professional working relationship nearly always leads to a fair and timely resolution of her cases.

Insurance Adjuster

Missoula, Montana