Workers Compensation & Personal Injury

Leslae Dalpiaz’s law practice focuses on both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.  Work comp claims involve injuries to workers while they are at work.  In Montana work comp claims are “no fault” which means no one is responsible or at fault per the law, and an injured worker is limited to the remedies available under work comp law.  Personal injury claims involve injuries to persons caused by another person or entity, where fault can be established.  Typically injury claims are either one or the other:  work comp or personal injury.  However, occasionally the two can overlap, for example if a person is injured while working driving a work truck and hit by another party who causes the accident.  In that case, two claims (both work comp and personal injury) might be possible.

Leslae Dalpiaz represents clients all across Montana with their work comp and personal injury claims.  Leslae has helped clients from Dillon to Miles City and Whitefish to Plentywood and everywhere in between.  Leslae’s office is located in Missoula, Montana, though she often travels to meet with clients in other parts of the state, when necessary and available.

If you have a work comp claim or a personal injury claim, or you’re not sure whether you even have a claim, call Leslae Dalpiaz today at 406-549-9200.  She’s the right resource for all your Montana work comp and personal injury questions!