Leslae J. E. Dalpiaz


0014Leslae (pronounced the same as “Leslie”) Dalpiaz was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.  She earned her BA in Political Science from Colorado College and graduated from the University of Montana School of Law in 1994.  Since 2003 she’s maintained a solo law practice with a focus on Montana workers’ compensation claimant representation as well as some selected Montana personal injury claims.  A respected member of the Montana workers’ compensation community, Leslae has presented panels on various topics (including ethics in work comp) to her peers and colleagues. Over the past 15 years Leslae has represented more than 1,000 clients, obtaining more than $34 million in settlements.  She provides prompt, personalized service, tailored to each client’s claim and needs. In her spare time Leslae enjoys spending time with her family, skiing, water sports and cooking.

Leslae Dalpiaz